Max Burdick
District 6
(385) 468-7459 / Email
[Max Burdick] As the Salt Lake County population grows by over 500,000 during the next several years Max promotes an understanding of Planning and Zoning with 12 years experience as a Volunteer Planning Commissioner.
He has championed many efforts including Walkable Neighborhoods, Transit Oriented Development, Architectural Guidelines, Trails, Parks and Recreation.
Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Community Council?

Community councils are recognized by Salt Lake County ordinance 2.56. They are individual community councils are created by private citizens as private corporations, association or otherwise, and are not created by Salt Lake County. Privately created community councils may be recognized by Salt Lake County as provided in Ordinance 2.56 (Ord. 2.56.020). Community councils work with the Mayor’s Community Relations Specialists and other County liaisons to determine, co-ordinate and express the views of the community it represents.

What is their purpose?

The purpose of establishing community districts and recognizing community councils in the unincorporated area of the county is to provide a mechanism by which a geographical area may be identified as a community for purposes of formulating and presenting recommendations on actions within the authority of the county which affect that geographical area by force of law or practice (Ord. 2.56.010). Community councils form a link between Salt Lake County and local unincorporated areas. Their role is to ascertain in an active way the views of their communities in terms of local issues, needs and wishes to Salt Lake County. Community councils should always act in a non-political and non-sectarian manner.

Why have a community council?

The establishment and continuation of a Community Council in your area offers you an opportunity make recommendation regarding planning and zoning within the boundaries of the community council. Community councils must also submit an annual list of their Top 5 priorities to the Mayor’s office, through their Community Relations Specialist. Community councils play an important role in promoting the well being of the neighborhood you live in, develop community spirit and inform the residents in the area you represent of matters of public concern.

What do community councils do?

Community councils hold their meetings in public and call special meetings in order to ascertain the views of their community on major issues. They participate actively in assuring that their representative community views are heard and recognized. They may also take an active role in community building events.
How many community councils are there? There are currently 12 recognized community councils covering most, but not all of unincorporated Salt Lake County. There are possibly 4 more councils to officially recognize.

What areas will the Community Councils represent?

The community council maps are available through Planning & Development.

How can you become involved?

To be eligible to stand as a candidate in a Community Council election, you must:  You must be at least 18 years of age  Appear on the electoral roll of the County and the area in which you will serve.  Be resident in the community council area you wish to stand.  Not be subject to any legal incapacity (there are no legal reasons you can hold office it elected)