Public safety officials announce unified 9-1-1 software solution to improve emergency response
New product selected to unify 911 call centers

Salt Lake County, UT— Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams and Salt Lake City Mayor Jackie Biskupski will stand with public safety officials from across the Salt Lake Valley to announce the chosen vendor to provide the software system for the area’s 911 emergency dispatch centers. The long-sought solution of a shared Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system provides automated support for 911 dispatch operators that allows more rapid deployment of public safety resources to emergency incidents.

In addition to collaboration and hard work from public safety officials throughout the county, the move to a single system is made possible in part by the $1.3 million that Salt Lake County is providing for the cost of the software licenses, technical support and training. This proposed initiative was first announced by Mayor McAdams in 2013. Additional funding is provided from a special CAD restricted account created in 2014 legislation sponsored by Sen. Wayne Harper and Rep. Brad Dee.

“In an emergency, seconds count. Providing all of the valley’s 911 operators with the same CAD system is an important step to ensure a safe, streamlined, efficient response every time, everywhere in Salt Lake County,” said Mayor McAdams.

“Our 911 dispatchers are our first, first-responders, and they deserve to have the very best tools to help them do their job. This new system will allow them to better reach their goals of keeping us calm and safe in times of crisis,” said Mayor Jackie Biskupski.

Managers from the valley’s two primary 911 dispatch centers – Valley Emergency Communication Center (VECC) and Salt Lake Dispatch—will talk about what the software change means to their operations. A representative for the new vendor will also provide a demonstration of how its system operates.

WHO:             Mayor Ben McAdams
                        Mayor Jackie Biskupski
                        Sheriff Jim Winder
                        Sen. Wayne Harper
                        West Valley City Manager Wayne Pyle
                        South Jordan City Manager Gary Whatcott
                        John Inch Morgan, VECC director
                        Scott Freitag, Salt Lake City Dispatch
                        Public safety representatives from the vendor selection committee
                        John Whitehead, Director of Sales Strategy, Hexagon

WHAT:           Unveiling new, shared 911 software system for Computer Aided Dispatch

WHEN:          Tuesday, August 2nd
                        11:30 a.m.

WHERE:        Valley Emergency Communications Center
                        5360 Ridge Village Drive, West Valley City, UT 84118